The Sea

The slow lull of her touch seem to send me into a trance,

a trance I never wished to leave.

Her caress unworldly,

sending multiple vibrations throughout my body.


Her eyes sparkle with mischief and deceit,

but only she could make my life complete.

The world dares me to leave and flee,

But they’ll never take her,

They’ll never take her from me.


The world is selfish, cruel and full of misfits,

Creatures grasping for their share of light.

But with her by my side I shall yearn no more,

May I be drowned in darkness,

as long as I have her as my shore.


Her voice sends tingles into my very soul,

the nightmares of my past barely ghouls of nonsense.

Her tongue lavishes my inner being,

Her lips, her luscious lips,

bringing me to the brink of my sanity.


You’d never find her with another,

cause you’ll always find her with me.

Gasping for air from her embrace,

My sea, my everlasting,

my light and my all.


She is no fish, nor animal, nor even human.

She is mine and mine to hold,

The world be damned to its end.

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