The Middle Voice

Raise the rifle, rig the rope, or read Nietzsche for the first time. You have permission.
Edit antecedents, subject/verb agreement, and parallelism. Correct lust.
Sear yearning. Scorch hush-hush. Extinguish languor.

Folding doors, fickle friends, and nightfall flop inward.
You have pull. Push back. Lift the hinges. Gobble a ham sandwich on Yom Kippur.
Holy shit! Rant. Rage. Rebel. Resist. Retreat.

Raise the rifle, rig the rope, or scour your hands. You have metamorphosis.
Scribble down, down, down. Squeeze tits of word bastards.
Shuck charms from the cadaver. Solemnize the son-of-a-bitch.

Raise the rifle, rig the rope, or remember tomorrow. You have poetry.

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