Tess Mcgonery

I was biting my nails again.

I just couldn’t help it though. Every time the teacher gave a surprise recitation, I felt so nervous that I couldn’t stop myself. Even though I knew my mom would hate me for ruining her latest creation on my nails, I couldn’t stop it even if I wanted to.

On the plus side, it somehow got under the skin of one very moody Christian Sanders. And I just love getting under his skin.

“Hey!” He half shouted, half whispered. Speak of the devil.

Our teacher was in front slowly murdering one of my classmates with her stare, and I didn’t want to be in the receiving point of that. I tried to ignore him, biting into my nails deliberately. A crumpled paper flew to my desk, and I bit back a smile as I opened it.

Stop that.

I wrote him back, carelessly throwing it over my shoulder.


Christian Sanders

Bite me.

I groaned, throwing mental daggers through her head. If only she stopped biting her nails like that, then maybe I could concentrate on what the teacher was saying. I was afraid she’d call me all of the sudden while I was busy getting furious with Tess Mcgonery. That girl was impossible, and she was biting into her nails like it was her lifeline made me hate her more.

If only she knew that I wanted my lips to be the one she’d be biting, then maybe she’d stop doing it too much.

I smirked as I wrote another reply to her, hopefully making her stop biting her nails.


Tess Mcgonery

Another crumpled paper made it’s way to my desk, just as the teacher turned around to waste chalk on the board with her pointless lecture. I breathed out a sign of relief that she was distracted for a moment.

I’d gladly will. Shall I start with the ones you’re using to bite your nails?

A blush crept up my face when I suddenly imagined his lips on mine, and I tried to bury it down my deepest subconscious. The teacher began to babble on in the background, calling the guy who was half asleep at the back. Poor guy.

I tried to think of a smart retort to what he said, but I felt another surge of blood threatening to fill my cheeks.

I crumpled the paper and threw it in my bag, determined to put Christian Sanders out of my mind. He was too handsome for his own good, and flirting with him will only be trouble.


Christian Sanders

I watched as she kept in her bag the note, then proceeded into biting her nails again. If only I could kiss her, if only I could feel what her nails feel right now, then maybe I’d stop thinking about her all the time. I’m loosing my edge, thinking about a girl who has strawberry art on her nails.

I mean, who paints their nails a different artwork every week?

And who bites them so she needs to change them every week?

No other than Tess Mcgonery.


Tess Mcgonery

The poor teacher almost had a heart attack when one of the students raised their hands. No one dared to raise his or her hand in class. It was a silent agreement between all of us.

I didn’t know if it was a look of surprise or despise when she turned to the hand calling her attention. And of course, it was Christian Sanders.

“Yes Mr.?” She tried to focus her eyes to the culprit of the class disruption, something we have dubbed as ‘zooming in’.

“Sanders.” He answered.

Of course she didn’t know our names. I bet she doesn’t even know what subject this is!

“Is it hygienic for someone to keep biting their nails even though every week they get a new design on it? I mean, the chemicals from the nail paint must be dangerous.”

I felt all blood from my body suddenly rush to my face, as I noticed the already chipped strawberry. I looked down as the professor seemed to actually contemplate on Christian’s question.

“Well young man, what do we suppose we should do with that?”


Christian Sanders

I inwardly panicked, trying to figure out why the hell did I raise my hand. The professor, whom I never did catch the name, looked at me quizzically.

Think fast!

“Honestly? They deserved to be kissed senseless so that they knew that there was something tastier than their nails.” I smirked as I watched Tess make herself invisible, slumping down her seat.

The whole class roared with laughter, most of them being awake because of the word ‘kiss’.

“Quiet down!” The professor commanded. When everyone settled down, the professor turned his attention back to me.

“Well Mr. Sanders, would you demonstrate that?”


I instantly saw the other girls bite their nails, trying to get my attention.

But there was only one girl I needed to kiss.

One girl who got me nailed.


Tess Mcgonery

I tried to stop biting my nails for the next few minutes. My professor looked bored and went with it, my classmates were now wide awake, and here I am, hoping he isn’t talking about me.

But when he stepped forward from his desk and stopped beside mine, I actually quivered.

And not the bad type either.

He grazed over my hand, caressing it in a way I couldn’t understand. I’ve never been so close to him before, so when he pulled me up, I wasn’t expecting to see his attractiveness in full bloom.

He had this faint stubble and firm pinkish lips that made him look like a man, yet his cute nose and dilated eyes made him look like a boy.

And when he kissed me, every cell in my body agreed with him.

There were tastier things than my nails.


Christian Sanders

I kissed her for a while longer, her hair tangled in my fingers. I was literally lost in her lips, and when she bit me, I thought I was going to melt in the middle of the classroom.

That’s when the professor cleared his throat.

I leaned back, seeing Tess’ face closer than before.

She had a button nose and brown eyes that seemed to be sparkling at me. Her lips were swollen, her cheeks red. I think I like her better this way.

As I stared behind her once again as class resumed, one thought was clear.

I’m never getting her out of my head.

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