God Created Fledglings

The neighbors across the street have seen
the woman with the dead eyes
in the tree
and have called the police again
How many times has it been this year
the woman asks her husband
The husband shrugs 

They think she’s dangerous to herself
or others
They’re less concerned about her
and more concerned about the others:

The police stroll through the house
of the woman with the dead eyes
as if they have the right

The woman with the dead eyes doesn’t mind
because she has a fantasy
that she is having a threesome
with police officers
They are all so tough and virile
and dangerous

The red-headed officer sees the fledglings
five of them
laid on a board across her bed
He says:
What’s that?

Those are birds, she says
God created them

What are you doing with them?

Teaching them, she says
indoctrinating them into the new morality
leading them into the next stage
of their evolution

In fact, she’s going to decapitate them
because it will give her a thrill
and make her feel better

The neighbors don’t know that
but they are afraid that she is dangerous
to herself and others
especially others:

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